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Super Adventure Club

Super Adventure Club – That’s my new band. A duo with Mike Winger. I play drums and keyboards at the same time and Mike plays bass and keyboards simultaneously. It’s awesome. Website and mp3s coming soon. In the meantime, check out our debut gig at Ireland’s 32 on Saturday, September 22.

July 2007. Back from the Deciduous Euro tour. Got to play in Germany, Croatia, and Serbia. Very interesting. Quite a learning experience. Now back in SF, currently working with some great bands including:

– Francesca Lee (her new album sounds amazing. Can’t wait for it to come out)
– Deciduous (Just back from the tour, you know we are tight)
– Pedalsped (Almost as rare as cicada sightings, we are still around and gigging)
– Mama Pacho (With a new line-up, this band is smokin’)
– The Pine Needles (I stir the soup in this band so much that Campbell’s has offered me a job)
– Diego’s Umbrella (Just started working with these individuals of questionable repute)

Also be on the lookout for new albums by Francesca Lee, Craig Easley, and Aoede.

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