Diego’s Umbrella

March Fourth!
Super Adventure Club
Fat Pony


28 People – Demo out now!!!
A-Okay – Running the gamut of musical styles at full speed.
Adrianne Serna – Writing songs you think you could have written, but didn’t.
Aeroplane Soul – Folk, latin, classical, and drums.
All Of A Sudden – Bring that funk.
And the Colored Girls Sing – Cover band dedicated to Soul.
Billy and the Fid – Classical guitaristas with some rock songs.
Billy Schafer – The man has a voice and talent like no other.
Black Market Jazz Orchestra – Top of the pick players.
Bruce Drake – Electric-folk-country-pop-rock.
The Bruises – These girls rock so hard.
Captain Negatron and the Fearless Regressives – My own aggressive jazz band.
Cat – Rock, rock, and rock.
Charity and Jamband – Finally fulfilling my dreams of playing children’s music.
Chris Marsol – A true rock star.
Christie Leigh – All the way out from Boston.
The Cooltones Big Band – A swinging 19 piece big band serving the elderly with a healthy dose of nostalgia.
Craig Easley – Fusion Rock Album out now.
Dave Stein Bubhub – Jamtastic.
Deciduous – Tasty funk rock. Album Out Now!
Diego’s Umbrella – Spanish surfing pirates.
Du Uy Quintet – Texas is endless.
Fish For Spliffs – Awesome pop rock band with debut album produced by me.
Francesca Lee – Currently recording EP.
Glimr – Heavy disturbing rock with more time signature changes than King Crimson.
Godwhacker – A Steely Dan tribute Band.
Haymaker – Fast, hard, and unapologetic punk music in its most insulting form.
House Of Diehl – They are just so Stylish.
Jonathan Douglas – Good funky original mellow tunes.
Josh Stedman – If Sting ever knew what funk was all about.
Joshua Redman – Grammy nominated jazz giant.
Katie Garibaldi – It’s all about her song “Foot”.
King Never – It’s all about her song “Foot”.
Laughtrack – Good ol’ fast punk.
Liz Angelucci – Catchy happy hook laden pop.
The Mama Pacho Band – Covering Zeppelin and Janis, no questions asked.
Nya Jade – A soulful singer with a kickin’ backing band!
Ol’ Cheeky Bastards – Celtic folk punk with Dave-O (Cell Block 5, Screaming Bloody Marys).
Pedalsped – Mellow and catchy pop band. Album Out Now!
The Pine Needles – Drums and bluegrass? Blasphemy!
Randy Blossom – Album pending release, I play double kick.
Rachel Lark
Rippit – Funk from down undah.
Rob Evans Quartet – Hard swingin’ jazz band.
RocChilds – Heavy rock and soul.
R. Will and One Life – 70’s fusion funk. Chops Chops Chops.
Scribe – 3 Song EP out now!
Sean Tabor & Speakeasy – San Francisco’s Finest.
Self Inflicted – Rap rock to the max.
Shakiban – Trance enducing jam music.
The Skin Divers – A dirty gritty funky 60’s and 70’s memphis soul band.
Soular – Acoustic rock with an edge.
Stephen Prutzman – Amazing arranger and composer of jazz and classical.
Stella Royale – Music for vintage hot rods.
Suededenimsecretpolice – Even faster punk.
Super Adventure Club – My new band. Super Happy Go Lucky Fun Fun Fast.
The Trouble with Monkeys – They make bad pets.
Waking Hour – All-encompassing progressive rock power trio.
The Wahighs
Weather Pending – Trip hop with a voice that commands emotion.
Where’s Moira? – Dave Mathews and Ben Harper together at last.
You Said Saturday – Mellow dreamy pop rock of the best kind.


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