Audio Examples




Stretchin’ Out

Jazz (Post Bop?)

Production Work

Examples of producing, mixing, and drumming from TonePad Studios.




Original Compositions




Album: Magic Number
Credits: Snare, hi-hat, and SPOONS!

Diego's Umbrella

Album: Songs for the Juerga
©2015, Ninth St Opus
Credits: Drums, Spoons, Ukulele, and more!

Business Crass

Album: Fat Pony
©2011, Freshmaker Records
Credits: Just about everything.

Super Adventure Club

Album: Expensive
©2011, Freshmaker Records
Credits: Drums, Keys, Vox, Songwriting, Artwork.

Diego's Umbrella

Album: Proper Cowboy
©2011, Ninth St Opus
Credits: Drums

Nader DeAik

Album: Toba
Credits: Drums and engineering on tracks 2, 5, and 9.

The Wayhighs

Album: Starr King
Credits: Drums

The Wayhighs

Album: Hyperswimmers
Credits: Drums

The Wayhighs

Album: She's a Lion
Credits: Drums


Album: Feel the Burn
Credits: Drums, Engineering, Mixing

Lorne & the Wayhighs

Album: Channeling
©2011, Freshmaker Records
Credits: Just about everything.

Mars Today

Album: Mars Today Presents
Credits: Drums on track 10.

Charity And Jamband

Album: Family Values
Credits: Drums, spoons, percussion.

Diego's Umbrella

Album: (single)
©2011, 9th St Opus
Credits: Drums.

Katie Garibaldi

Album: Baby We're Really In Love - Single
©2012, Katie Garibaldi
Credits: Drums and Spoons!

James Riddle

Album: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
©2010, James Riddle Music
Credits: Triangle! Tracks 2 and 6.


Album: Something to Say
©2011, Gallant Music
Credits: Drums on tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8. Dave Weckl, Jeff Berlin, and Dave Fiuczynski also appear on the album!

King Never

Album: Possibilities
Credits: Drums


Album: Faith Of Our Fathers
©2010, 10 Gev Records
Credits: Drums on most tunes.

Cat McLean

Album: Category 4
Credits: Drums on "Dream"

Billy and the Fid

Album: Blame The Americans
Credits: Drums

Super Adventure Club

Album: Untz
©2009, Freshmaker Records
Credits: Drums, keys, vox, producing, engineering, song writing.

Diego's Umbrella

Album: Double Panther
©2009, Goose Village
Credits: Drums, percussion, back up vocals.

Francesca Lee

Album: The Pieces Left
©2009, Modo Rama Music
Credits: Drums, percussion.

Charity and Jamband

Album: Party Like A Twinkle Star
Credits: Drums, bottles.

Katie Garibaldi

Album: Next Ride Out
©2009, Living Dream Music
Credits: Drums

Francesca Lee

Album: KFOG Local Scene CD 6
Track 7: "Maybe Today"
Credits: Drums

Fever Dreams

Album: Burning Orange
Credits: Producer, Engineer.

Aeroplane Soul

Album: Rook and Pawn
Credits: Drums


Album: Push and Pull
Credits: Drums and Percussion on tracks 1-6, 8, 10, 11.

Randy Blossom

Album: Bring It On
Credits: Drums on tracks 2 and 3.


Album: Demo
Credits: Drums

The Craig Easley Experiment

Album: Welcome To ElectriCrazyland
©2007, Kokopelli Records
Credits: Drums on tracks 2,4,5,6,9,11,13,14


Album: Self Titled
©2006, Pedal Records
Credits: Drums


Album: Humblewise
Credits: Drums

Julia Mattison

Album: Self Titled
Credits: Drums


EP: Freeze
Credits: Drums

Bruce Drake

Album: Locust
©2005, Del Tona Records
Credits: Drums

Amelia Ray

Album: Music for Autistic People
©2005, Out of 3 Sigma Records
Credits: Drums on track 8 - "Silence is Ashley"

Captain Negatron & the Fearless Regressives

Album: Negatronics
©2004, Woodshed Records
Credits: All songs written by Jake. All instruments played by Jake.


Album: Mystic Eye
Credits: Drums


Album: Soular
Credits: Drums

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