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There is much to be said about the coming months, but most importantly are a few things related to Super Adventure Club. First, the debut album, Untz, has been sent to the manufacturers and will be in our hands by Jan 6th. Second, we have a European tour coming up in mid January where we will be touring Spain. And third: Before we leave for Spain, we will be having a send-off show on monday, January 5th at the Elbo Room. Hope we see you there.

In other news, I have had the great pleasure to record with many excellent artists this past December. Look for albums by Billy Schafer, The Trouble With Monkeys, Charity & Jamband, CAT, Glimr, and Tami Gosnell in the near future.

Check out the February ’09 issue of DRUM! magazine. There’s a nice long article detailing the in’s and out’s of recording drums over the internet written by your’s truly.

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